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What is your WHY for travel?

Updated: May 15, 2023

Man enjoying a swim in the mountains
Where do you come alive?

Do you know?

Everyone travels for different reasons. What is your WHY for travel?
We sometimes jump into a trip without thinking ahout WHY we want to go. Sometimes, I think we try to escape our daily stresses and life by going on vacation. It never really works. We leave and we still have to come back to those same things we were trying to escape.

What inspires you when vou travel?
Seeing and doing something new?
Connecting with new people and cultures?
Crossing boundaries, both literal and figurative?
Thinking carefully about this helps me plan an experience that can be transformative, so you return home with new energy, new motivation,
new ideas.

Do you want to be a force for good when you head out
the door?
In the face of climate change, the destruction of local habitats, poverty in rural communities, the loss of indigenous languages: What is the role of tourism? Do you want to be a force for good?

Travel CAN change your life.
Travel CAN change the world.
Travel CAN transform.

Just ask me how.

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