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Who am I? A little about Kimberly Davis, the person behind Trouvaille Travel

Updated: May 15, 2023

Now that's a big question! For now, we will just stick with what you need to know as it relates to travel 🤣
Women sitting with Bolivian families

I started traveling internationally as a Cultural Anthropologist doing research in the Andes (I even learned Quechua and a little bit of Aymara). I then worked in education and mental healthcare, and ran my own consulting business for 20 years. I founded Trouvaille to combine my two passions: Travel; and Helping people connect with themselves, others and the world around them. I have always worked to connect people with places that can inspire and transform.

I work with YOU to figure out what YOU want and need from your travel. And it's me, helping you. Not some large group where you never know who is answering the emails. I am the person behind Trouvalle Travel. You will always talk to me.

I don't count countries so I can't tell you how many I have been to. Really. I lose count whenever I try so I stopped trying. I will finally make it to my 7th continent this summer (I can count to 7 without losing track!). I somehow went to Antarctica before I went to Australia or New Zealand. How weird is that? But for me, it actually seems pretty on point. I like to get to places that most people don't go. My first real international trip was when I was 19. I went to Peru on my own to meet up with a British archeological team, when Peru was in the midst of dealing with Sendero Luminoso. That was a wild summer! Cooking tuna casserole on alcohol stoves in ice storms, bedbugs in $5 hotels, camping for months at 14000ft.

That was the start of something: a sense of adventure? Curiosity sufficient to overpower anxiety? A need to explore and get to know people living all over the world? It definitely wasn't luxury, although it was my first introduction to Belmond, a name I always associated with luxury, and one I would come back to many years later. What it most definitely did was push me out of anything resembling a comfort zone!

I've enjoyed finding my way in all sorts of places and cultures ever since. I don't ask travelers to do anything resembling that foolishness, but I do think that pushing yourself a little outside of your comfort is why we all travel, isn't it? We are all different when we travel. We get to try on new personas, to be a little different in a new place, to get out of our routine for a little while. In doing so, we see another side to ourself that we sometimes get to take home with us. I was definitely channeling my Indiana Jones that summer. So who do you want to be when you travel? What new perspectives have you brought home from your travels? And where do you want to push yourself to travel next?
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