Solo Travel

Traveling alone has unique rewards and benefits, as well as special challenges. If you are already a seasoned solo traveler, I am happy to help you develop itineraries that will allow you to travel alongside others if that is your desire, or provide you as much privacy and introspection as you may want. If you have any concerns about traveling on your own, you can count on me to guide you through every step of the process to ensure your safety and your enjoyment. I can empower even the most reluctant travelers to make your next trip solo. I will build the perfect itinerary for your travel style and can help build your confidence to be a world wanderer, whatever your age or life stage. Let me know where you have always wanted to go, and I will make a plan, working alongside you at your comfort level. 

Wonder Women Wander

A division of Trouvaille Travel, Wonder Women Wander provides transformative opportunities for women who have never traveled solo to gain the confidence and experience to journey out alone. Through pre and post trip individual and group coaching and small group tours, Wonder Women Wander takes women off the beaten track, to new and exciting destinations, where they can help support each other with preparation, community engagement, and in-the-moment "figuring it out" (all with the in-person support of experienced solo travelers to back them up). Our focus is on safety, preparation, empowerment and connection. (Although we may travel to places that do not offer the same level of luxury to which many of our clients are accustomed, we will offer the best services that the environs can provide. We will describe the level of comfort in as much as possible so participants can prepare. Part of the fun with these trips is to get a little "uncomfortable" together.)

Our next planned trip is will be in late 2022 to Jordan, and 2023 to Mongolia. Watch for details in March! Until those trips are open, individual travel coaching and planning is available for hesitant solo travelers.

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