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The Brownell DISCOVER MORE™ Planning Process

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Schedule of Services

Our planning fees vary based on the complexity of the trip and are assessed after initial consultation. The itinerary design fee covers the time spent on research, proposals, communication and bookings, and is therefore non-refundable, regardless of whether a trip is finally booked with us and/or taken.


Our design fee for a couple or family traveling on the same itinerary for up to 10 days of travel  across multiple cities and hotels with guides, transfers and other arrangements would be $1000, but is dependent on the complexity of the itinerary. A couple's long weekend trip to one hotel with private wine tastings and driver would be $250. 

If applicable, there may be:​

  • Air Booking and Change Fees

  • Last Minute/Holiday Booking Fees

  • Trip Management Fee* (15% of any non-commissionable components – This charge does not apply to commissionable components)

*For customized itineraries, we try to pass along net industry rates to you, which may have up to a 20% discount, and our markup for the management of the travel (working with our partners and suppliers on your behalf) is 15% of the net cost of the services arranged. Whenever possible we work with net, transparent pricing so that our clients have as much information as possible about the cost of their trip components. For direct hotel bookings and for retail-priced travel products, our compensation is usually paid by the hotel, cruise line or tour company through the commission that is built into the price. Because it is a retail rate, your cost is the same as what you would pay if you initiated the booking yourself, although we can often offer additional benefits at that same rate. 


Questions about any of the above, or ready to get started? Contact us here

Fee Free Bookings

If you know the exact hotel, scheduled tour or expedition cruise you would like for me to book on your behalf to get the upgraded amenities or the benefits of our preferred partner status, I am happy to do so as long as the rate is commissionable. 

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