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What is your favorite place to travel?

Oh, I get asked this A LOT. It's often one of the first questions people ask me when they find out I am a travel advisor. But I just asked a group of advisors the opposite: where do you feel you never need to go again, and why? Or what is the destination you feel is most overrated (sorry, Italy; although I just spent a few days in Tuscany in the Spring, and wow, just wow). We all enjoy most places. That is the point, right? But some places we just don't need to revisit, at least now.

But if you have to know my favorite place to travel, it's probably Sri Lanka. It's a relatively small island, and it packs a punch. It has some stunning luxury properties with truly outstanding service levels, and you can do a range of activities all within a few hours drive. There are some of the best beaches you have ever seen with gorgeous high end resorts, and then just down the coast, you will find game reserves to seek out elephants and leopards with remote tented lodges. Head inland and there are waterfalls aplenty, lush greenery with mists on top of mountains with cool breezes. And of course, monuments of all sorts, Hindu and Buddhist history, Portuguese, Dutch and English history, and complicated social, economic and political forces. Not to mention the food. The incredible food. But what draws me back to Sri Lanka is the art and architecture. It's not the first place you think of, and yet, it's the place where I find myself marveling at built spaces and nature and the flow between them. Sri Lanka is the place where I came to learn how important that flow is to me, and how much it shapes my connection and emotions. Perhaps that is why I feel so connected to THAT place. It is the one that spoke most to something in me.

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