Global Family Travel

Are you wondering where you can travel with a 4 year old and a 12 year old so they both get the most out of it? Maybe there is a 17 year old half-sibling to complicate the picture. Or you are asking yourself how to inspire your anxious 15 year old to leave the iPhone and go on the early morning animal drive. Let me help. This is what I do best, and I can do it with the same focus on meaningful connection and transformational travel. No ages and no destinations are out of the question. If you want to take your 3 month old horseback riding in Mongolia, I'm ready. Travel advisor meets anthropologist meets counselor meets parent coach. All in one. 

Developmentally appropriate itineraries 

I develop the right vacations with the right activities for your family, whether it be an educational itinerary in Japan for a 12year old or a multi country itinerary in Europe with a 5 year old. The goal is to match your family's interests with developmentally appropriate activities and pacing for your children, so there aren't meltdowns, confusion, overwhelms or boredom. I can create pre and post trip activities to make sure that your children can get the most out of their holiday time and return home, while you still get to relax and enjoy a vacation.

Small Street in Japan

Do you want to think ahead to make the most of your trips over the next several years for your children? Let me help you develop a multi-year plan that makes the most of their education, your time, and their ages, so you can enjoy your often limited time with them while also providing them with a global mindset and awareness. Children can get the most out of different countries at different developmental stages. I can work around your work and school schedules and their curriculums to make the most of all of your goals. 

Italian Countryside

Family reconnection experiences

If your teenager is always online or your 3rd grader has seemed particularly cranky lately, this might be a good indicator that it's time to reconnect with each other. If this past year has felt like everyone  has been too busy and spent too much time apart, let me design a vacation that brings you all back together. With my psychology and parent coaching background, I think creatively and holistically to make the most of your time together as a family, taking the planning off of your plate so you can spend your time focused on what's important. 

Assisted vacations

Every family functions in their own way. If yours has particular challenges, let me help. I have the resources to make what may seem like an impossible vacation idea become a reality. I can create individualized retreats to help a chaotic family come together, or I can send coaches and assistants to work with children who may need a little extra help in new settings. No idea is off the table. Just send me a note.

Multi-year vacation planning

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