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About Trouvaille Travel

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1. Travel can encourage us to "stretch, learn and grow into new ways of being and engaging with the world"

2. Travelers should actively participate in benefiting communities, and reversing ecological damage and climate change


Trouvaille inspires travelers to explore the world, seek out new adventures, and be immersed responsibly and ethically with local communities. Trouvaille will create seamless trips so that travelers can be present in their journey, be inspired by their surroundings, and be engaged with those around them. Whatever their goals for traveling initially, their trip should always exceed their expectations and leave them with a sense of excitement and purpose on their return. 

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Luxury travel is not all about thread counts or Michelin stars. It is rooted in our individuality, our personal preferences, our histories, the stories we have lived, our reasons for traveling, the memories we create, the connections we have and those we hope to make. "Conscious luxury" is about traveling how we wish in ways that remain committed to what we believe.