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What does a Travel Advisor do when they travel? And why do Travel Advisors travel so much?

Updated: May 15, 2023

No, we don't just vacation all the time (I wish). And why do travel advisors travel so much?

1. We visit properties (hotels) so we can match you to the right ones.
I was in London for 3 days and I saw 8 hotels that were all totally different. I was in Turkey for a week and I either saw or stayed in about 10 different hotels. Again, all completely different for different clients. I also meet their sales team and their managers so that we have a relationship I can depend on. If I am staying on property I try "all the things." I see how the service is, what the noise level is like, who seems to "fit" there, what the best and worst features are. Down to are the windows clean, is their mildew in the shower (eww!), who are the other people staying there?

2. We meet with suppliers and vendors.
This means that I meet with destination, management companies, tour operators, guides... basically all of the other people who might be involved in your trip. I am also testing out the services. Do they show up on time, are they safe, how well do they take care of clients, are they knowledgeable, can they handle changes or adapt to clients' preferences and needs? I'm "kicking the tires" if you will.

3. l am also just checking out the destination.
Who will most enjoy this destination? What do they need to know before choosing to visit? What are the places they must visit? How do I need to prepare clients beforehand? Are there people who shoudn't visit this place? What is the food like, safety, transportation, snd so on.

In short, I travel through all the ups and downs and bumps so you don’t have to.

My goal is always to make your travel as seamless and smooth as is humanly possible (I can’t control acts of the gods)… which means mine doesn’t always go that way 🤣
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